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Day has fought to make health care more affordable, protected those with preexisting conditions and has worked tirelessly to get New Mexico’s economy back on track.


Day has been a leader in the NM Legislature on criminal justice reform. She has led the effort on court reform, protections of the confidentiality of crime victims, and increased funding for sexual assault survivor services.


Day has led efforts in the NM Legislature to make government more accountable. She fought for legislation to increase transparency in political lobbying and supported efforts to make voting more accessible during the pandemic and beyond

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Day sponsored HB21, the “Protect Our Voices Act,” signed by the Governor, to level the playing field for victims of harassment, retaliation or discrimination, preventing employers from forcing nondisclosure agreements as part of the settlement.


 Day also worked with the Governor to sponsor the “Threats and Acts of Mass Violence” bill to expand the state’s Anti-Terrorism Act to criminalize terroristic threats and conduct. It created penalties for those make threats disrupting public educational or governmental institutions, including those who engage in cyberattacks against public institutions. The legislation originated from a bi-partisan Domestic Terrorism Summit convened by Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham in 2019.

Day will fight for us to protect our access to affordable health care, fight for our children and public education, and she'll work non-stop to get our economy back on track:


Health care

Strong, steady leadership is more critical now than ever. During these difficult times, we can count on Day to keep our families safe, stand up to insurance companies to protect those with preexisting conditions, and make prescription drug prices more affordable.

Day voted to protect those with preexisting conditions and make prescriptions more affordable. And, she'll always fight for women's healthcare.

Kids in Technology Class

Education & Our Kids

Day knows that we must invest more in our kids and schools. She voted for a $500 million "education moonshot" to raise teacher pay, reduce class sizes, and focus more resources on early education.

We can count on Day to fight to keep our kids safe and to help our kids  make up for lost time from this pandemic.

She'll make sure that our classrooms don't get on the chopping block when tough budget decisions have to be made.

Pastry Baking

Economy & Jobs

Day voted to increase the minimum wage, invest in job training for New Mexicans looking for work, and actually CUT taxes for our working families.

Day will continue to provide the leadership we depend on to get our economy back on track, ensure pandemic relief funds get into the hands of those who need and deserve them, and to diversify our economy to be less reliant oil and gas.

She voted for the NM Small Business Recovery Act in the 2020 Special Session and will always champion our local small businesses.


Protecting Our Air, Land & Water

Day comes from hard-working New Mexican roots. Her father was a local doctor, rancher and small business owner outside of Glorieta, NM, while her mother managed a restaurant on the Santa Fe Plaza.

Day knows that climate change is something we must focus on right now, and she'll work with - and listen to - scientists on creating solutions.

And, Day will make sure all decisions take the environment into account and that we protect our bosque, natural resources, and our water supply.

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