Safe Neighborhoods

     Dayan Hochman will fight to create innovative new ways to reduce crime and address the social issues our communities are facing. Dayan will work to keep

repeat offenders off the streets, but she’ll hit the ground running to create more community policing opportunities and expand drug rehabilitation and trauma recovery. We can count on Dayan to put our families first and get them the resources they need to the stop the cycle of crime.



     Dayan Hochman will ensure that every child has access to a free, quality Pre-Kindergarten program that prepares them for educational success. She will work with our teachers to give them the resources they need. And, she’ll fight to make college and vocational-training more affordable.



     Dayan Hochman will level the playing field for local, small businesses. She’ll support a balanced budget that invests in infrastructure, local business, tourism, and a trained workforce. Dayan will be laser-focused to make New Mexico a leader in renewable energy. And, she’ll fight to increase the minimum wage for hardworking New Mexicans.


Women’s Health Care

     Dayan Hochman believes that a woman’s medical decisions are between her, her doctor, and her family. Dayan will stand up to extremist politicians who want to
interfere in women’s private medical decisions.

Defending Public Lands

     Dayan Hochman will protect New Mexico’s public lands and wilderness for future generations. She will fight against polluters to protect our air and water, and Dayan will defend against selling our public lands to the highest bidder.

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