Protecting New Mexico's

Hard-Working Families

I will always stand up for New Mexico's hard-working families. I will fight to make health care more affordable, protect those with preexisting conditions, and work tirelessly to get New Mexico's economy back on track.

Day Hochman-Vigil,

State Representative, District 15

2022 Capital Outlay Process

Legislative Council Service (LCS) will collect Capital Outlay project requests online for the 2022 Regular Legislative Session, which begins on January 18, 2022.  The deadline for submitting a new Capital Outlay request through the website is 3:00pm on Thursday, January 13, 2022. 

This year, the form has a section where you will direct your request to the appropriate legislator(s) and/or the Governor.  The Capital Outlay requests will be transmitted electronically by LCS to the elected officials identified, and a final report will be sent to us at the start of the session, listing all of the projects that have been directed to us from the online site.


If you have any questions on the Capital Outlay process, please contact LCS (their phone number is on the request form website) or contact my Constituent Services Director, Jill Meyers ( or 505-610-8851 ).

Capital Outlay reauthorization requests may be submitted for appropriations made in previous years, to extend the time of expenditure, change or expand the scope of the project, or change the administering agency. The deadline to submit a reauthorization request is 5:00 pm, Sunday, January 30, 2022. 

Day Hochman-Vigil: Always fighting for us

Representative Day Hochman-Vigil was proudly elected to the NM House of Representatives in 2018, and re-elected in 2020, to represent District 15, which encompasses Albuquerque's beautiful North Valley and thriving NE Heights. She has dedicated her time in the NM Legislature to standing up for New Mexico's families.

Day knows our hard-working families need someone fighting for them. She has dedicated her time in the Legislature to making health care more affordable and ensuring those with preexisting conditions are covered. Day also voted to raise the minimum wage, provide pathways to good jobs and better job opportunities, and make our tax system fairer.



It's tough times for all New Mexicans. We need trusted leadership we can depend on to get us out of these hard times.

Day always has - and always will - fight for our hard-working families.

We need to keep Day fighting for us.


Health care

Strong, steady leadership is more critical now than ever. During these difficult times, we can count on Day to keep our families safe, stand up to insurance companies to protect those with preexisting conditions, and make prescription drug prices more affordable.

Kids in Technology Class

Education & Our Kids

Day knows that we must invest more in our kids and schools. She voted for a $500 million "education moonshot" to raise teacher pay, reduce class sizes, and focus more resources on early education.

We can count on Day to fight to keep our kids safe and to help our kids  make up for lost time from this pandemic.

Pastry Baking

Economy & Jobs

Day voted to increase the minimum wage, invest in job training for New Mexicans looking for work, and actually CUT taxes for our working families.

Day will continue to provide the leadership we depend on to get our economy back on track, ensure pandemic relief funds get into the hands of those who need and deserve them, and to diversify our economy to be less reliant oil and gas.

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